This page contains hundreds of photos spanning more than a century of traveling shows and the people who shaped the history of outdoor show business.

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Sells Floto 1918 in Horton KS..jpg
1940's Big Midway Grind Show Known As Pickled Punk Shows
Hennies Bros. Shows 'Dodgem'...early 1940's.jpg
Giant ape's show 1950's.jpg
Sparks Circus 1931.jpg
Grab bag joint....La Grange Indiana street fair 1950's.jpg
Old Foley & Burke office wagon ( restoration project by Bill Capell).jpg
Side Show talker.jpg
Hennies Bros. # 222 early 1940's.jpg
1st Indiana State fair 1864.
Al G .Barnes kitchen 1930.jpg
World Of Mirth wagon on the flats..1959.jpg
World Of Mirth wagons..1950's.JPG
Searchlights on the generator wagons.JPG
18 Car Ridee-o ( renamed the Whizz Bang) on the Dodson's World Fair Shows 1930's Thrill Ride.
A 'Mulligan Saturn 6' on the R A S...1960's.jpg
Dave Costello - Irene Mongomery, riders...clown- Walter Goonenough. On the Hagenbeck-Wallace 1920.jpg
Al Tomieni on the Cetlin Wilson Shows Midway..1951.JPG
Cetlin Wilson Shows coming into town...1951.JPG
World Of Mirth 1958.jpg
Cookhouse on the RBBB 1940.jpg
Unloading the Train.JPG
Arkansas Livestock Exposition.jpg
spirut mysteries poster.jpg
Vanteen & Lee bannerline 1970's.jpg
Unloading the World Of Mirth..(color).jpg
World Of Mirth wagons on the flats.jpg
101 Wild West Shows Entrance...early 1900's.
Cookhouse on the Sparks Circus...1920's.JPG
Cole Bros. Circus wagons 105 and 31...1939.JPG
WOM double take.jpg
Olson Shows scooter...1960's.JPG
Sunburst wagon wheel (3).jpg
Cetlin Wilson Shows wagons...1951.JPG
Cole Bros 'bank wagon' ....1936.jpg
coronation engine.jpg
Doc Capell's and his show painter-1950's.jpg
Al G.Barnes on the runs...1920's.JPG
Young girl with snakes on the Walter L. Main Shows 1891.jpg
Tune up on the R B B B ...1950.JPG
Strates en route.jpg
Scrambler ride 1960's.JPG
set up day on the R B B B..1950.JPG
Ringling Barnum Banner Tacker.jpg
Rubin & Cherry coach 'Alabama' owners pvt. car.....1930's.jpg
Full load on the Schiff Coaster.jpg
Old Al. G Barnes- Sells Floto mural wagon..1930's.JPG
Scroll fronts late 1800's.jpg
zebra hitch pulling the Little Red Riding Hood allegorical float on the old Barnum & Bailey Circus..jpg
Mangles Pony Cart Ride 1950's.JPG
Miller Bros Wild West.....1920's.jpg
Adam Forpaugh advance team.....R.R. car no,4 named 'The Hustler' 1893.jpg
'Crime Show' on the Hennies Bros. lot Early 1940's.
Streets of Cairo, Lackman & Loos 1907.gif
Tocci Brothers.JPG
Johnny J.Jones flats 1940's.jpg
1945 Austin Bros. Circus in Canton, IL
Sky Diver wreck.jpg
Conklin Poster.jpg
1940's Hawaiian Show Bally
early 1900's minstrel show lineup.jpg
West Coast Shows in Klamath Falls Ore 1970.jpg
Baily Bros Annex
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch on the flats...1930's.JPG
Capell's 'promotion bus'....jpg
World Of Mirth Shows stock car.jpg
Johnny J. Jones Carnival Baggage Train Car 1940's
Ticket wagon.JPG
Side show talker....1960's.jpg
Al G. Barnes Train Wreck July 1930.jpg
Unloading the World Of Mirth train.jpg
bearded lady
Minstrel Show on the Sparks Shows Midway.jpg
Monkey Show bally.jpg
George Murry's drome @ Fl.St. fair 1969.jpg
Hutty & Tain 'Human Pinheads' 1883.jpg
R B B B lepoard and trainer...1950.JPG
The Oldest known surviving flatcar still sitting outside the car barns at the Circus World Museum. It has a rich history including being on the Cetlin and Wilson Shows, being bought by Royal American.jpg
Johnny J Jones coach...1947.JPG
Gopher State Shows 1950's.jpg
The end of the Velare Bros. Sky wheel. Klamath Falls 1970.jpg
Adam Forepaugh group shot 1889.jpg
Sparks Circus cage wagons and white horses 1928.jpg
Ronnie & Donnie Galyon 1970's.jpg
'Hoof Stock' animal semi.....1950's
Old West side show. (Capell Bros.)......jpg
Sells Floto stock car unloading in Kansas ...1918.jpg
10-1 Circus Side Show Crew Crew
1940 Back End Bally On The Johnny J. Jones Show.
At-Show Bally.jpg
1940's Pit Show Freak Show
Early Johnny J. Jones photo.JPG
Ras on the old tampa St. Fair grounds ...1960's.jpg
F.J.Taylor Circus...early 1900's.JPG
Sells Floto midway.jpg
Cetlin & Wilson 1952 blowdown 2.jpg
Sportland Arcade front.png
Stewarts AtShow front.jpg
Penn Premire Office trailer...1955.JPG
Possibly a generator wagon..(date unknown).JPG
R A S in Davenport 1964.jpg
At show performers.jpg
World Of Mirth with Nat Eagles midget show on the flats.jpg
John Brooks...trainmaster on the United Shows and later the R A S.jpg
Shenandoah Iowa......early 1900's.JPG
World Of Mirth backlot.jpg
Strates Shows water wagon.1953.JPG
1893 1 Ring Circus Midway
Virginia Dare (trapeze artist) 1870.jpg
Under 'Big Bertha'..Ringling...1930's.JPG
Millers 101 Ranch Wild West Shows...1930's..laundry kettles.JPG
King Bros. paper.jpg
World Of Mirth trian into a curve.jpg
Strates side show..1950's.JPG
Charlie Brown, Johnny Lopez jr. and Fred Neece in the back at Fishermans Wharf in S.F. 1970.jpg
Strong Man Alonzo Hiwanda.JPG
Star performer in the monkey show. World of Mirth Shows.jpg
Strates side show..1950's.JPG
Early 1900's minstrel show 'Jigfield Follies'.jpg
Another photo of a beautiful banner.jpg
The Human Skeleton.jpg
Flip-Flap 1910.JPG
World Of Mirth flats ...1940's.jpg
Electric midway ( show unknown).jpg
Veal Bros...1920.JPG
1955 Ringling Brothers. lion in his cage wagon.
early 1900's midway ( show unknown).jpg
Old Ferari scroll front from the late 1800's-early 1900's.jpg
Program butcher.jpg
1930's on the R oyal American Shows Midway
Jungle Monsters....1950's.JPG
Hagen Bros.. 1950's.jpg
1970 Royal American Midway with Velare Bros.'Rotor' behind the 'Trabant' in the background.
Early 1940's backend (European).jpg
rbbb train shot.jpg
Olson Shows flats...1950's.JPG
submitted photo The elephant statutes at Woodlawn Cemetery mark the area where victims of the train disaster were laid to rest..jpg
Olson Shows..1950's.JPG
The rides going up on the Cetlin Wilson Shows Midway....1952.JPG
Kids in front of the circus sideshow.1950's
Small rat show.jpg
Some things never change. An elephant drags a sticking truck on a muddy lot ...1971.JPG
'Spitfire' on the World Of Mirth midway 1930's.
Johnny J. Jones flats 1940's.jpg
Capell Ride Coupons...1950's-60's.jpg
Olson Shows..1960.JPG
Stake Driver...1930's R B B B.JPG
Pati Kriel contortionist 1951.jpg
'Commodore' Foote and his sister beside a normal man 1885
Ferris Wheel on Myers Amusements 1970s.JPG
World at home drome.jpg
R A S train..jpg
Erecting the Zyklon Roller Coaster.1968
Al Sully Sullivan West Coast Shows fixer next to Bobby Matthew's cookhouse in Bakersfield Cal. 1970.jpg
Back end...1940's
Chair-O-Plane at the Vermont St.Fair 1941.jpg
Equitable ins ad photo.JPG
Viking Giant Banner.JPG
An example of a well built and very sturdy ride wagon (#129) on the Hennis Bros. Shows....jpg
Carl Hagenbeck Greater Shows poster.jpg
West Coast Shows midway..1960's.JPG
inside the menagerie of the Cooper & Baily Circus 1876.jpg
Cole Bros. stake Driver 1939.jpg
Three headed stake driver - 1938 Robbins Bros. Circus - Wm. Koford photo via Al Conover.jpg
Hitching up on the Ringling show...1946.JPG
Taos N.M..jpg
West Coast Shows 'Mighty Meteor'..1960's.JPG
1930's Reptile Show
Tom Mix on his wonder horse..1930's.JPG
Wm. D. Stanley Shows...1960's.jpg
Wonderfully painted (Plantation or minstrel show) front..jpg
Sportland front.jpg
White City Shows.jpg
Spotting the wagons on the Clyde Beatty lot...1949.JPG
Veal Bros Carnival Cottage Cage 1922.jpg
Congress Of Oddities..1960's.jpg
Rampage on Myers Amusements 1970s.JPG
Strates mural Wagon 1961.jpg
Nightime on the Royal lot...1950's.jpg
Viking Giant...1950's.jpg
R B B B wagon boneyard.JPG
Stake driver at work on the Ringling..1951.JPG
R A S @ the Calgary Stampede...1934.jpg
Al G Barnes...1920's.jpg
'Pit show' on the James E.Strates Shows..1960's.
Old 'Roll-O-Plane' somewhere in the deep south 1960's.jpg
Rock Falls, Ill. 'Corn Carnival' In 1913
Strates Shows backlot..1961.JPG
'Rag front' girl show.1930's
Terrel Jackobs cat wagons on the Hagenbeck Wallace..1934.JPG
Cole Bros. 6 horse band wagon....1939.jpg
Six Bros. Circus..1950.JPG
World of Mirth loading on the siding.jpg
Sullivan and Eagle wagon builders in Peru, IN..jpg
#60 Private Owners Coach From Royal American Shows Train Cars
bannerline 1940's
Hunt Bros. Circus menagerie...1955.JPG
R B B B 1930 Baton Rouge La..jpg
Rock -O -Plane & Merry -Go- Round.jpg
Rubin & Cherry waits for a passing train...1930's.jpg
Girl In The Goldfish Bowl 1930's.jpg
Color photo of John Ringling North in his pvt car the 'Jomar'...1953.jpg
the old John Robinson's 10 Big Shows winter quarters in Terrace Park, just outside of Cincinnati,.jpg
Sedalmyer's car in Milwaukee 1970's.jpg
Bill and Gloria Myers enjoy some Gypsy pig roast on the Myers Amusements 1970s
J J J stock -baggage car 1930's.jpg
Headless illusion..1960's.JPG
Hagenbeck Wallace Combined paper.jpg
Rat wheel...1952.jpg
W.Virginia people watch a side show bally...1938.jpg
Melvin Burkhart.jpg
Tom Mix circus paper.jpg
Hennis Bros. Shows generators......1942.jpg
Waiting for a mark...1930's.JPG
KY St. Fair 1933 inside 'Cream Crest Ice Cream' stand.jpg
Miller Bros. 101 Wild West early 1900's.jpg
Hartzell's octopus show.jpg
Unloading the R A S train...1950's.jpg
Barnes Bro's 1953
Hot water for the Robbins Bros. Circus in 1938.jpg
Elephant & trainer 1920's.jpg
Walter L. Main train wreck of 1893. 4.jpg
Life Ins. ad 1962.JPG
Late 30's or early 40's..R A S lot.jpg
Walter L.Main paper...late 1800's.JPG
Sparks Circus route cards...1930.JPG
'Jolly Nelli' ( 642 pounds ) with John Robinson Circus 1921
Strates Paper 1960.jpg
Cole Bros...late 1940's.JPG
Helicopter ride 1962.JPG
The great Emmett Kelly 1950.jpg
trip to the moon.png
Hennies Bros. wagon lineup (wagon #161 in the forground)...early 1940's.jpg
Wis. St. Fair 1921.jpg
'One Please' 1940's
Late 1800's (unknown show).jpg
Walworth Co. Fair (Elkhorn Wi.) 1913.jpg
W H Curtis ticket.JPG
W.W.1 era ball joint on the C N E.jpg
Sunburst wagon wheel ( 4 ).jpg
Buffalo Bill with Sells Floto paper.jpg
Strates private car 'The Orlando ' 1971.jpg
Gollmar Bros.......1915.jpg
World Of Mirth midway 2 ..1930's.png
101 Wild West Shows On The Flats 1930's
Sparks Circus Generator 1927.jpg
Arnie Honkala...1946.JPG
Zacchini Cannon Act (Victoria & Duina Zacchini)....1950.jpg
Leo Kongee the 'Human Pincushion'.jpg
R B B B..waiting for 'spec'...1950.JPG
Strates sideshow..1960's.JPG
Tune up on the R B B B ...1950.JPG
Hennis Bros. coach 'San Francisco'....1930's.jpg
Leon the Wizzard.JPG
Wild West Show Cowboys.jpg
Early 1900's Ringling photo.jpg
Merle Evans and the RB&BB band under canvas in the early 1950s..jpg
Rag front girl show.jpg
Old remanants of the 'Gibtown' Giant's boot.....1980's.jpg
The great Tom Mix.JPG
101 Ranch Wild West Truck
World Of Mirth Train into curve 2.jpg
Johnny J Jones Ferris wheel lineup 1940's.jpg
'At Show' Boxers 1930's
Line up on the #5 Eli...1950's.jpg
Strates generator behind the Drome...1941.jpg
Caterpillar 1950's.jpg
Snake Show on the Christiani Bros. show 1956.JPG
Carousel 1940's.JPG
Tattooed man.jpg
Blowdown on the Patterson-Gollmar Circus...jpg
Bleacher wagon on the Hagenbeck Wallace...1905
Ringling side show 1950's.jpg
Hennis Bros. Shows coach..Chippewa Falls.jpg
Larry Davis bundled up against a cold wind on a winter lot in So. Cal....1970s.jpg
The John Robinson's 10 Big Shows carried 30 different Cottage cages in 1906.jpg
Lepoard and Puma cage, Cole Bros. ...1938.JPG
Red Kelly ( yellow hat) trainmaster on the J E S in 1971.jpg
Diamond Kitty & crew.jpg
Hippo & girl.jpg
Strates mural Wagon 1961.jpg
'Pin Store' agents waiting for a mark to stumble by. 1950's or 60's
Al G Barnes 1930.jpg
Dime Wilson on the SEAL BROS...1936.jpg
When RB&BB was under canvas, everybody got two buckets of water every day -- for washing themselves and their clothing.jpg
Old wooden bullplate Tilt 1963.JPG
Wallace Bros. Shows....1940..JPG
Old Girl show front 'Red Hot Blues'.jpg
Strates front end..1957.jpg
Sells Bros Circus paper 1895.JPG
Klan Circus.jpg
R B B B backlot...1950.JPG
The 'lot man' known by the distinctive hat and horse...1930's.JPG
Rubin & Cherry wagons...1930's.JPG
Cetlin & Wilson 1952 blowdown.jpg
'Little Dot' Wenzel
Wagon Painting.jpg
World Of Mirth train.JPG
Evans ad from 1932 Billboard.JPG
1950's Eli Ferris Wheel Next To Snake Show Somewhere around Nashville,Tennessee .
Mathew Rala..'Dago Midget' with John Brooks dog 1930's.jpg
Summer, 1939. Bozeman Montana.jpg
Cetlin Wilson Shows... 'The World On Parade'...1951.JPG
Show kids in front of a 'bingo'....1030's.jpg
The 'India' tableau wagon when it was almost new on the Sells Floto Circus..1915.JPG
Tampa promo photo from the late 20's or early 30's.jpg
Hennis Bros drome wagon 1939.jpg
The Della O'Dell show made it through the 1925 season. It was owned by Karl Larkie and Shojiro Ureno..jpg
Al G Barnes loaded on the flats...1920's.jpg
old circus wagon ( possibly European) unknown.jpg
Early 1900's Bumper cars.jpg
Single o banner 1930's.jpg
R B B B 'Sleeping Beauty' parade wagon..1950.JPG
Daisy & Violet Hilton on a Ringling 'sheet'.jpg
Idaletta & & woman fish 1865.jpg
Chittocks Big Show late 1800's.jpg
U S A shows pup.jpg
Cole Bros. 1939.jpg
Hawaiian side show (Capell Bros.)....jpg
Cole Bros unloading..1941.JPG
Bond Bros. Circus..1945.JPG
Indian Bill's Wild West Show...1903.jpg
Original Ferris Wheel built in 1893 for Chicago Exibition here it is in 1904 at the St. Louis Worlds Fair.jpg
trapeze twins.JPG
Toronto Canada 1930's.jpg
Shriners in Rochester N.Y... 1940's.JPG
Unloading the pole wagon....1903.jpg
Sedalia Mo. tornado... 1952 Cetlin & Wilson.jpg
Allen Hershell kiddie car fire engine ride.JPG
blowdown 4.jpg
R A S 'pie car' with mural of Tampa...1960's.jpg
Great Parker Shows band....late 1800's or early 1900's.jpg
Diving Horse.jpg
Miles Orton performers 1891.jpg
J E S 2012.JPG
Octopus on the midway...1960's.JPG
'Garbage Joint' (souvineer stand)...1930's ..unknown agent
Topeka in the 40's on Royal American.jpg
The Rocket. 1938.jpg
early 1900's scroll front (Barnum & Baily Circus).jpg
Atwell's Midget Circus Clowns 1927.jpg
The Dell family concessions on the Sutton's Greater Shows midway...1947.jpg
stuck in the mud..1903.jpg
Russel Bros. Pan Pacific Circus...1945.JPG
Rubin & Cherry Shows backend shows..1930's.JPG
Al Sullivan holds Church Call on the office steps in Klamath Falls 1970.jpg
Strates 1960's.jpg
Drew's generator on the Midway..1960's.jpg
Chair-O-Plane 1950's.JPG
Hagenbeck Wallace 1930's.jpg
'Spec' pony float on the Ringling brothers Barnum and Baily Circus..1935.JPG
Mad Cody Fleming. Early 1940's.jpg
Indiana St. Fair paper 1890.jpg
two trains.jpg
Sparks Shows Tablieu Band Wagon in parade 1928.jpg
Johnny Keef's Capitol City Shows out of Valdosta Ga..JPG
Royal American coaches.jpg
Late 1800's costumed women bally a "Hootchie-Cootchie show. on an unknown midway.
Pitch-Till-U-Win 1930's.jpg
World of Mirth backe end piece.png
Black girl show 'Ebony Follies'..1970's
Strates sleepers 1950's.jpg
Strates on the rails...1953.jpg
Strate's Show 'spitfire' 1941.jpg
Bad day on the Johnny J Jones...1947
Jeep (Old no. 6) on the Ringling..1950.JPG
Kelly-Miller horse trailer...1950.JPG
Johnny J.Jones black girl show revue. one of the most beautiful fronts ever made..jpg
Watkins wall of death.jpg
1960's circus midway.
wreck #4.jpg
Al G. Barnes..1930.JPG
Walter L. Main.... Allegan, Mich. 1919.jpg
Ringling waiting for transort to the showgrounds...1930's.JPG
RB&BB main entrance, early 1950s..jpg
Western Jamboree show ('Spitfire' ride in the background).jpg
Summer, 1939. Bozeman Montana.jpg
'Life Show' 1940's
Storm damage.jpg
1940's Train Face 'Cat' On The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus
John Robinson 1921.jpg
West Coast Shows rolling stock behind the 'Tip Top'..1960's.JPG
Cole Bros 1940's.jpg
Backend on the Cetlin Wilson Shows midway...1952
canvas trailer.....1950's.jpg
J. J. J. 'war time' front gate with a view of the front of the midway....jpg
1937 Cole Bros. Circus Steam Calliope
Arthur Bro.s Circus.jpg
1950's 'Single -O' Girl Show
setting the wet boat ride on the Cetlin Wilson Shows lot...1952.JPG
Hennies Bros. Shows 'Hot Wagon'. (#1)..1940's.jpg
Mike & Ike.JPG
A very young Clyde Beatty, around 1935..jpg
Unloading the flats on the James E. Strates Shows..1953.JPG
World Of Mirth shows midway.jpg
Floyd & Baxter Scooter...1950's.jpg
Small Fun house on the Strates Midway...1953.jpg
Con T. Kennedy Shows Train late 18 or early 1900's.jpg
Birth Control Show 1930's
World Of Mirth train coach no. 5.JPG
Terrell-Jacobs wagon on the Strates Midway...1953.jpg
Snake show 1910.JPG
Turn of the century single-O.jpg
Tableau wagon on the 101 Ranch Wild West Shows..JPG
Photo of Joe Silcox with a wagon. In the wagon on the left is Meachel Arnett and Joann Silcox is on the right. Photo was taken in 1947..jpg
Four skywheels ( Link & Royal American Shows in Birmingham).j
Parker & Watts Circus... Kit Carson.jpg
West Coast Shows backlot..1960's.JPG
1936 Circus Bandwagon
Ward Hall with Frank and Mike.jpg
unknown 2.jpg
Sunburst wagon wheel (2).jpg
Giant and midget lady..1940's
Goodman-Wonder Carnival office wagon.jpg
Street Fair 1912 Prairie du Chien, Wi..jpg
Oregon State Fair fire 1967.jpg
Nashville suffrage fundraiser 1914.jpg
Early 1800's midway.jpg
R A S ...1964 ..Calgary Stampede.jpg
Old R A S Front gate.jpg
The rides going up on the Cetlin Wilson Shows Midway....1952.JPG
Dog faced man.JPG
Lofty, the 'Worlds Tallest Man'...early 1900's.jpg
Back of a front
trk # 234 ( stake driver) rbbb......1920's.jpg
World Of Mirth midway...1930's.JPG
Storm damage.jpg
Hennis Bros Shows wagon 1940's.jpg
Promo for J E S 1940's.jpg
Royal American Band wagon (always located in 'kiddie land' with benches for the weary to relax).jpg
Unloading on the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus...1954.JPG
Sparks Circus 10-24-46 Gavelston, TX - Damoo Dhotre`s Cages.jpg
West Coast Shows grab joint 1960's.jpg
meat rocket.jpg
Eisenmann Sisters albino twins...1880's.JPG
Lentini in the buff.jpg
ticket box.jpg
Me and the old generator truck that I must have put a million miles in. Photo taken 1970.jpg
Midget Snake Wrestler banner.jpg
Backend show on the Cetlin Wilson Shows midway...1952
Jack Norman's Broadway to Hollywood Revue..1960's.JPG
Cole Bros. stake driver 1935.jpg
Snow on the Ringling train.jpg
Strates mural Wagon 1961.jpg
The end of an era.jpg
Cigarette cork gallery....1930's.jpg
Ticket wagon...1903.jpg
Rubin & Cherry crew..1920's.jpg
Black 'Girl Show' revue
unknown show.JPG
World of Reptiles side show.JPG
Sig Sautelle..early 1900's.JPG
The Cole Bros. Circus suffered a huge and devastating fire at their Rochester, IN. winter quarters in 1940..jpg
Tom Mix Circus...1930's.JPG
Strates Shows train in 1953.JPG
Jeep fire engine kiddie ride 1940's.JPG
Erie County fair.JPG
World Of Mirth magazine cover...1949.JPG
Cole Bros. 'big cat' wagon....1939.jpg
Coney Island ad sheet early 1900's.JPG
Stock tent on the Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Wild West Shows...1930's.JPG
Reptile show rag front.jpg
Cole Bros. side show 1940.jpg
Metcalf Neb. 1908.JPG
Bally stage..1950's
Tom mix Circus ..1930's.png
Silo Motor Drome Early 1900's.jpg
Olson Shows midway in the 1960's.JPG
Kiddie Merry Go Round.jpg
Strates 1953.jpg
Worlds Finest Shows stock cars..1950's.JPG
Leona Young the 'Fire Eater' 1938.jpg
Razzle chart.png
101 Wild West Four Hitch Team Heading For The Lot
P N E ( Canada) 1957.jpg
Ringling Bros.Backend Side Show From The 1930's
backend on Strates...late 1960's
Tara Guinther in Tampa at the start of the season .1960's.jpg
Siebrand's beautiful neon lit front gate somewhere in Arizona. 1940 or 1950's.jpg
Sun Bros...1897's.JPG
Heading from the train to the lot.....early 1900's.jpg
West Coast Shows Sky Wheel blowdown. This was the only portable ground mounted skywheel ever made. It never went up again..jpg
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros 1960's.jpg
Moon Rocket...1950's.jpg
Playing a Matinee on the Johnny J. Jones lot 1940.jpg
Gorilla 1950.jpg
American Exposition Shows paper...1930's.jpg
Worlds Finest Shows 'menagerie car' ..1950.JPG
Strates 1965.jpg
RBBB clown poster.jpg
Craft's '20 Big' Shows 1940's.jpg
Sparks Shows midway late 1800's.jpg
Blowdown (2).jpg
After the rain at the Minnesota St. Fair.jpg
1920's Rare Photo of Retired Al G Barnes-Sells Floto Circus Wagons.
Hagenbeck-Wallace in Ithaca, NY. 1933.jpg
Olson Shows wagon..1950's.JPG
Strates in blue livery.jpg
Hunt Bros. Circus...1957.JPG
Early 1900's 'Spook House'.jpg
The 'Duke Ash' paint scheme on the Strates Shows wagons..1963.JPG
One of the first known photos of a carnival ride in America..1800's.jpg
Sparks 1921.jpg
Early 1900 Circus Midway
'Rainbow Revue'.1940's
Tom Mix on horseback...1930's.JPG
Late 1800's plantation show.jpg
Cigarette crusade show. 1930's
Stringer wagon #82 on the Cole Bros....1942.JPG
1930's Royal American Shows Train
R B B B comes to town..1950.JPG
Cole Bros. Circus 'lodging ducat'.jpg
Zoma on the James E. Strates midway..1961.JPG
Big John...1971 J E S
Vintage M G R.jpg
Late 1960's side show.
Side Show change
Beckman And Gerety paper
Circus Midway 1920
two Old photos.jpg
Strates Fly -O -Plane..1953.jpg
Rubin & Cherry Shows on the flats...1930's.JPG
Willie Karr- Blackie Nye...1946 Ringling Bros..JPG
On the runs...some things are timeless.jpg
balancing elephant. early 1900's.jpg
Strates en route.jpg
Show kids in front of a 'bingo'....1030's.jpg
Crude back end show.jpg
My brand new truck mounted living quarters somewhere in Montana on the West Coast Shows.jpg
Fred Johnson Banner 1930's.jpg
Strates Shows 1947.JPG
Setting the poles on the Ringling...1930's.JPG
Linda Rivera, daughter Marie and brother Billy celebrate Maries birthday at Ric'Nakatani's new Cookhouse on the West Coast ShowsMidway at Bakersfield Cal ..1970's.jpg
The Downie and Wheeler Show stopped enroute in 1912 to feed and water, cast and crew..jpg
Sunburst wagon wheel (3).jpg
Shan Bros. Shows paper (date unknown).JPG
Ground mount Rock-O-Plane with gas engine.jpg
Unusual truck on the Ringling Show..1954.JPG
Jean Rivera 1940's.JPG
Ras midway..1940's.jpg
Christy Bros Circus ....1929-(Mirror-Tableau) Loaded on a wooden flat car.jpg
Twister damage on the United Shows....1930's.jpg
Zachini Cannon on the Christiani Bros. Circus.jpg
Strates Shows on the flats...1953.JPG
Cole Bros. side show 1940's.jpg
Johnny J.Jones 1920's 'Animal Arena'.jpg
Doc and Billy O Conner with Rocky to the left 1990.JPG
J E S 1971.jpg
Ringling generator...1952.JPG
Strates flats.JPG
Strates coaster.JPG
'Hitler Car Show' on the World Of Mirth 1950
the RBBB pie car in 1964. The names written on the negative envelope are as given From Left to Right Chief's helper waiter,Blocks, Chuck Porter,Baldy Junius, John Staley.jpg
waiting for the end of an era.jpg
Strates Shows.1953.JPG
Johnny J.Jones 1940's.jpg
Christy Bros Air Calliope .......1909.jpg
Carrolls Greater Shows...Minnisota..1963.jpg
Hagenbeck-Wallace parade down Mainstreet 1909.jpg
Bill Williams
Cole Bros. 1941.jpg
World Of Mirth Shows..1959.jpg
R B B B early 1950's.jpg
Waiting to get to the lot...R B B B...1930's.JPG
Barnum and Bailey paper from 1891.
Johnny J Jones 1947 . no fun here.JPG
Lofty, the 'Worlds Tallest Man'...early 1900's.jpg
Under the big top Cooper & Baily 1876.jpg
World's Finest Shows ride wagon..1950's.JPG
Ward Hall in the early years.jpg
Three Arch Animal Wagon on the Cole Bros.1939.
Startes Shows setting up...1961.jpg
unknown (2).jpg
Capell's 10-1 on the midway ( nice tip).jpg
Pasqual Pinion '2 headed Mexican' ( born in Mexico in 1862) With Sells Floto 1917.jpg
Ringling canvas wagon...1955.JPG
Unknown man & no.12 wheel.JPG
Old Poster.jpg
King Bros Circus 1956.jpg
Cage wagon on the back lot ..R B B B..1930's.JPG
R B B B 1930.jpg
National Cotton Candy Floss Machine dated 1925..jpg
stake driver..101 ranch Wild West Shows.JPG
Human pin unknown.jpg
Johnny J.Jones on the flats 1940's.jpg
Bonnie & Clyde car 1971.jpg
Kelly Morris Circus..1952.JPG
circus s s.jpg
Fly-o-Plane and 2 Eli no. 5 wheels 1947. show unknown.JPG
'Giant' and 'Little People' 1930
Fixing props..R B B B...1930.JPG
Al.G.Barnes winter quarters 1930's.jpg
Spotting the poles on the Ringling lot...1951.JPG
1947 Flying Saucer Thrill Ride
Cetlin & Wilson Shows..1950's.jpg
Al G Barnes-Sells Floto wagon..1920's.JPG
Single O Girl Show Shelby County KY..JPG
early 1950's circus midway.jpg
World Of Mirth Girl Show 1940's.jpg
1944...Exceptionally Big Backend Side Show On The Johnny J. Jones Shows midway.
JES private car.jpg
Hagen Bros. Circus....1950's.JPG
Royal flats.jpg
Rubin & Cherry train...1930's.JPG
Strates 'Pepsi' wagon...1953.jpg
W O M loading.jpg
St.Paul on the Royal American.jpg
Truck # 34....1971.JPG
Johnny's United setting up the 'Flying Coaster'...1963.jpg
R A S...1970's.jpg
A French Canadian girl named 'Evelyn' from Toronto..1930's(I am in love with this girl from the past).jpg
Ruth The 'Fat Lady' Acrobat banner.jpg
'Punk Rack'. 1940's
1960's fairground. (Wm. T.Collins Shows).
'Pickled Punk' Show 1940's
The 'Orville'..owners coach on the Hennies Bros.....1930's.jpg
Ward & Crist show 1986 Dallas St Fair.jpg
Worlds Finest Shows Coaches..1950.JPG
outstanding banner front.jpg